Lighting for food photography

This has to be the simplest, fastest and cheapest lighting setup I know; yet it works a treat for most editorial food photography assignments , as well as for many commercial location shooting. We did this picture with the students, last saturday, as part of my Sydney Food Photography Workshop for bloggers and beginners; the purpose was to show them

Food photography for restaurants

I do a lot of  photography for restaurants and food chains, in and around Sydney; and I love it ! every outlet is different. Sometimes we shoot at my Studio, but most times I go to them as it makes things easier for the clients. I get asked often about my lighting setups and what I bring with me when

Food Photography that makes you drool. Location shooting.

I think we can all easily agree on this one: great food photography should make you hungry, should make you drool. That’s the all purpose of it right? When this doesn’t happen, the opposite might be true; I see it all the time, because I am not just a photographer – I am also consumer. Bad photos can really turn