Food Photography & Styling for food chains and brands

Some of my biggest clients are food chains and well established brands; from burger joints to supermarket wholesalers and healthy food stores, you name them , I have worked with all the biggest names in the industry. And I can tell you this: like it or not, that’s when things get real serious – there are no amateurs there and

Food Packaging Photography

Packaging photography is a small niche market for professional photographers, like myself, specialing in food photography; it’s actually a very technical type of photography, which demands great mastery of studio lighting and extensive computer skills. When it comes to product photography, and especially when the images are for the actual package that ends up on the shelves of supermarkets, retouching

Food Photography : working with colours

Color is the one feature of food that inspires me the most as a food photographer ; some others will say texture, but for me it’s colour. Mother Nature gifts us with so many different ingredients, and the possible colour combinations we can get are basically infinite; when I take photos of food, I kinda see myself as a painter,