Food Photography for Restaurants

Being a professional food photographer is not always so glamorous as somebody might think, but it definitely has its advantages; Sydney is unquestionably one of the best food scenes in the world, and the hospitality sector, in the whole of Australia, has lifted its standards by quite a bit in the past decade – there is much more professionality now, than it used to be, at all levels. (more…)

CHEF ON THE ROCKS by Dario Milano for Shoot the Chef 2013. Behind the scenes.

As a professional photographer, I am a competitive and ambitious guy and I love to challenge myself. Even more so when the opportunity arises to do something ” different ” ,  extraordinary, or just not ordinary ( i guess you can put it that way ) – my ” ordinary ” being food photography and food styling ( which i love hips don’t get me wrong…). (more…)

Beverages and product photography

Recently I have done quite a lot of beverages and product photography; most of it was photography of cocktails for some new branding clients, beverages importers and distributors, here in Sydney.