Food Photography that makes you drool. Location shooting.

I think we can all easily agree on this one: great food photography should make you hungry, should make you drool. That’s the all purpose of it right?

When this doesn’t happen, the opposite might be true; I see it all the time, because I am not just a photographer – I am also consumer. Bad photos can really turn me off a place, a food or a product.

And this is not just photography we are talking about, it applies to all visual media; when you sit on your couch after dinner, and the commercials come on the screen, tell me you don’t feel an impulse to raid the kitchen: ice cream, chocolate, biscuits…. you name it! And you have just finished dinner !  (more…)

Food Styling Sydney Workshop

This past week end, in Sydney, the lovely Denise Vivaldo from Los Angeles, California, taught a two days intensive food styling workshop; like last year, I was there to document the event with my photos, some of which you can see in this post.

Food styling is the art of making the food look good for the camera; it’s like make up for food : it’s all about enhancing and enticing.

Some food styling techniques are quite obvious and are used by chefs as well, to preserve the good look and freshness of ingredients, i.e. submerging the greens in ice water to stop the cooking process and preventing them from discolouring.

Other techniques are much more elaborated and have nothing in common with the ” kitchen “; they are tricks, and as such they require a magician to perform them. Denise is a magician, and one with some 40 years experience… in Hollywood ! (more…)

The Moran National Portrait Prize

To be a successful photographer you have to take risks, you have to be daring and you have to make mistakes. We try to avoid making mistakes, we play it safe, but often the lessons learnt from those mistakes we make are the most valuable ones.

The business of photography is extremely competitive; lots of people trying, just a handful of successful photographers. Wether you are a food photographer or a portraiture photographer, everything is changing, and the change is happening fast: the way we capture images, and the way we consume images, it’s so different than it used to be only 5  years ago.

Instagram was launched in October 2010; the first iPad was launched in April 2010. Think about it, not even four full years!  Back then I was shooting a 12 MP camera; today I have 60 MP in my gun – and I am looking at mounting my DSLR on a Drone to do aerial photography, as well as fitting it with a water housing to take it into the ocean !

Technology keeps improving itself – who knows what we’ll be able to do in another 5-10 years time. However, it’s the photographers who take risks and make mistakes that ultimately will make the most out of these incredible opportunities.

If you are asking yourself what I mean by being daring and taking chances ( and failing ), this is the image I entered this year’s Moran Prize with: (more…)