Food Packaging Photography

Packaging photography is a small niche market for professional photographers, like myself, specialing in food photography; it’s actually a very technical type of photography, which demands great mastery of studio lighting and extensive computer skills.

When it comes to product photography, and especially when the images are for the actual package that ends up on the shelves of supermarkets, retouching is also quite intense and it can be complicated – so here is a piece of advice for the aspiring food photographer: quote separately for your photography services and for retouching; and if you just don’t have that set of skills, use the services of a professional retouching studio – they exist for a reason. (more…)

Building a Food Photography Portfolio

… in an efficient and cost effective way. Big deal, let me tell you – and you know it from direct experience, don’t you? Beautiful food photography ain’t easy.

To put together a bunch of Portfolio quality images, you need great looking food, props, backdrops and surfaces and , most of all, a good dose of inspiration.

It helps to be well organised and to have a practical approach to things; so here is an insight into the way I set myself up for some Portfolio work: (more…)

Food Photography : working with colours

Color is the one feature of food that inspires me the most as a food photographer ; some others will say texture, but for me it’s colour.

Mother Nature gifts us with so many different ingredients, and the possible colour combinations we can get are basically infinite; when I take photos of food, I kinda see myself as a painter, mixing my own colours on a blank canvas. It’s a very creative process, and I really enjoy the challenges that come with it, because beautiful colours demand perfect lighting and great composition skills in order to stand out. (more…)