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Cocktail and Drink Styling in Sydney

A professional food photographer, as well as a food stylist, doesn’t just play with food… From time to time, we get to photograph drinks too, and cocktails , let me tell you…. ,¬† are a lot of fun to work with ūüôā

drink styling ©Dario Milano

drink styling ©Dario Milano

What differentiates drink photography from food photography, in my eyes, is the fact that ( especially ) cocktails , most but not all of them , have a very short life duration; once they’ve been made and styled, they only last a few seconds. This means we have to be extremely well coordinated and fast to capture the images we need. When I say ” we “,¬† I refer to the photographer, the drink / cocktail stylist and/ or the bartender/ mixologist ; it’s always a team work, and the same principles that guide food photography apply to liquids: composition rules, color schemes, textures and of course lighting .

cocktails styling and photography ©Dario Milano

cocktails styling and photography ©Dario Milano

When you photograph cocktails you ALWAYS deal with reflective objects, i.e. ice cubes and glasses of various shapes; so your lighting has to be really spot on.


On this page are a bunch of pics we recently created with some talented Sydney bartenders; they will be incorporated in a special episode of ” The Intervention ” which will air on youtube in the next few days – keep an eye out for it !


Dario Milano is a professional food photographer and food stylist, based in Sydney and servicing predominantly advertising and commercial clients, restaurants and the food packaging industry.

He also teaches regular food photography and food styling workshop in Sydney, as well as in Melbourne and Brisbane.

To get in contact, email dario@dariomilanophotography.com


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Apr 27, 2014

Beautiful work as always, Dario!


    Apr 29, 2014

    Thank you Jenn, hope you are well !!