Food photography and food styling for Restaurants

As a professional food photographer with a background in hospitality, I find myself quite busy shooting for Restaurants and Venues between Sydney and Melbourne  – and I often travel to Brisbane and Gold Coast as well.

I love shooting on location and every new place presents its own challenges; photography is all about problem solving, so given the necessary time and resources I shall be able to create beautiful and enticing images of food pretty much anywhere. The brief is extremely important though – I am a creative but it’s not my restaurant that I am photographing ( most of the time…), so I can really give my best when there is a strong art direction from the client itself or from some sort of creative figure on its behalf. (more…)

Food Packaging Photography

Packaging photography is a small niche market for professional photographers, like myself, specialing in food photography; it’s actually a very technical type of photography, which demands great mastery of studio lighting and extensive computer skills.

When it comes to product photography, and especially when the images are for the actual package that ends up on the shelves of supermarkets, retouching is also quite intense and it can be complicated – so here is a piece of advice for the aspiring food photographer: quote separately for your photography services and for retouching; and if you just don’t have that set of skills, use the services of a professional retouching studio – they exist for a reason. (more…)