Building a Food Photography Portfolio

… in an efficient and cost effective way. Big deal, let me tell you – and you know it from direct experience, don’t you? Beautiful food photography ain’t easy.

To put together a bunch of Portfolio quality images, you need great looking food, props, backdrops and surfaces and , most of all, a good dose of inspiration.

It helps to be well organised and to have a practical approach to things; so here is an insight into the way I set myself up for some Portfolio work: (more…)

Food Photography : working with colours

Color is the one feature of food that inspires me the most as a food photographer ; some others will say texture, but for me it’s colour.

Mother Nature gifts us with so many different ingredients, and the possible colour combinations we can get are basically infinite; when I take photos of food, I kinda see myself as a painter, mixing my own colours on a blank canvas. It’s a very creative process, and I really enjoy the challenges that come with it, because beautiful colours demand perfect lighting and great composition skills in order to stand out. (more…)

True colors food photography

I live and work in Sydney, which is probably THE number one place in the world when it comes to professional food photography; the major publications in the industry ( those that have survived the digital transformations ) are based here – this is the home of editorial food photography. As a photographer, I too have to constantly keep up to date with the constantly improving technologies; everything is digitalised nowadays, which means, at least once a month, I have to download and install upgrades and plugins, for both the camera and the various display devices I use in my workflow – and i have to learn what they do. It’s time consuming, but it’s necessary: clients expectations are higher and higher, and the competition is tough. One of the biggest issues photographers have to deal with is true color; actually there are multiple issues about color, so let’s see what I am talking about. (more…)