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Even photographing something as simple as a tomato, can be quite a complex task, and a time consuming one, in the digital era we live in. As a professional food photographer I am expected not only to master photography and studio lighting, but I must be an expert image manipulator and photo retoucher too.

Editorial food photography does not require as much ” computer work “, but packaging and product photography are different; images are really examined up close and almost every pixel is somehow altered …. for the better.

The amount of time spent on one single image varies, obviously, depending on the brief; it can be minutes…. or it can be hours !!!

This tomato image ” only ” took 20-25 minutes to come together…. 

tomato on the vine ©Dario Milano

tomato on the vine ©Dario Milano

As you’ll notice the whole fruit is pin sharp ( click image to see it enlarged ); this just couldn’t be achieved with one single frame – I had to take 4 frames ( manually changing the focus for each of them ) and stack them in post. I then also cut the tomato out of its original background, and gave it a brand new, perfectly white, background. And i did the same thing with the tomato shadow, to keep things looking real.

It’s a lot of work, not to mention that the tomato itself also underwent an extensive makeup treatment, coming out of it rejuvenated with better skin, more regular shape and enhanced colour.

I could have gone on forever, but I preferred to leave some little imperfections, otherwise things tend to look unrealistic.


Dario Milano is a professional food photographer and food stylist, based in Sydney and servicing predominantly advertising and commercial clients, restaurants and the food packaging industry.

He also teaches regular food photography and food styling workshop in Sydney, as well as in Melbourne and Brisbane.

To get in contact, email dario@dariomilanophotography.com


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Feb 01, 2014

The shadow that you have created really looking natural. Good job Milano!


Jan 22, 2014

Wonderfully done. I haven’t tried focus stacking yet. Will do that soon.

Nice job with the background and shadows.
First thought that came to my mind was..looks like the tomato has gone through a makeup session 😉

Always good to see your work.


    Jan 23, 2014

    Thank you Girish. To be honest though, the tomato I picked was already very good looking -:)
    I only did a little liquify and spot healing . And a touch of saturation.