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One of the biggest challenges, even for the most experienced food photographer, is to photograph pizza. I recently put myself to the test, when I was hired to photograph the new Da Mario Italian restaurant and pizza shop, in Sydney. The restaurant fitting is a nice mix of rustic and modern, the wooden fired pizza oven ( weighing 3 tons ) came all the way from Napoli, in Italy, and the pizza is….. well, Pizza with the capital P.

Da Mario pizza ©Dario Milano

Da Mario pizza ©Dario Milano

I wanted to avoid the obvious bird’s eye view approach, in the first place, so i set myself up, at a relatively low angle, in front of the pizza oven, which made for an interesting background and helped telling the story of the place. And i included some ingredients as props for my shots to highlight the freshness of the produce, which is the real key to Da Mario’s success.

authentic pizza recipe ©Dario Milano

authentic pizza recipe ©Dario Milano

Do you know how long a pizza takes to cook? About a minute ! And it should be enjoyed straight after, while it’s hot.

Pizza is simple food and it was my intention to kinda make it a statement with my images. No food styling here, and not much photo retouching either. Of course I would have adopted a completely different strategy if the client had been Domino’s Pizza or Pizza Hut…. but that’s a different story.

In this case I preferred to capture some ” action ” shots, rather than trying to make the pizza look perfect; it is what it is, and it’s good the way it is.

dressing the pizza ©Dario Milano

dressing the pizza ©Dario Milano

From a photography point of view, all these images are artificially lit with flash, but it is done so it looks like they are taken with natural light; the spot where the oven is located just wouldn’t give me much choice….

On the other hand, I was able to photograph some of the other dishes on the menu, by a window situated in the seating area; I tried to match these images to the light and mood I had set for the pizza shots – you be the judge in saying if i did a good job.

bigoli pasta ©Dario Milano

bigoli pasta ©Dario Milano

Dario Milano is a professional food photographer and food stylist, based in Sydney and servicing predominantly advertising and commercial clients, restaurants and the food packaging industry.

He also teaches regular food photography and food styling workshop in Sydney, as well as in Melbourne and Brisbane.

To get in contact, email dario@dariomilanophotography.com


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Gideon Hart

Jan 30, 2014

Hi – Interesting how you talk about shooting pizza differently if it were for a big pizza chain. You’d think they would want the best, most creative and inspiring images when in fact, the bigger the company, the more straight-forward it has to look. I shoot pizzas too, in London England though – (no competition here!) and when I walk past a domino’s it make’s you wanna weep! Shooting food is a great skill…pizzas are on the difficult side because the timing is pretty crucial. That delicious looking puffed-up crust you get doesn’t last for long, and the tomato sauce can dry up very quickly. Cheese can loose it’s gooeyness in a few minutes. Great post though. If you ever come to London give me a shout at Gideon Hart Photography. All best!


Jan 14, 2014

Looks amazing! Such perfection – food and photography. Very enticing and inspiring. 🙂


    Jan 14, 2014

    Thank you Padaek, food photography is my passion 🙂


Jan 10, 2014

Amazing Dario. It’s very difficult to photograph all the food stuff.


Jan 05, 2014

Excellent. I haven’t photographed a pizza yet. Would love to challenge myself. As you’ve mentioned it is one of the most difficult food to photographs. I like the use of light specially on-location. Nice pasta shot as well.


    Jan 06, 2014

    Thank you Girish, would love to see your shots whenever you get to it 🙂