Editorial food photography

Editorial food photography is truly an art; so much goes into it: recipe testing, cooking, photography, lighting, food styling and obviously a little bit of post processing.

The majority of the work I do, here in Sydney,  is photography for restaurants and venues, and product photography, or packaging; however I absolutely adore playing food stylist and shooting editorial style images of food. The thing is, when I do it all by myself, like today, it’s a very lengthy process and it’s not like the Studio is gonna clean itself…

But given the time, I enjoy it immensely and, at least , I usually end up with a ready made lunch ( or dinner ).

Today I made some arancini balls – actually I made the risotto yesterday, and today I turned it into arancini and then shot it; I took a dozen frames – this is my favourite. (more…)

Product photography Sydney

Even photographing something as simple as a tomato, can be quite a complex task, and a time consuming one, in the digital era we live in. As a professional food photographer I am expected not only to master photography and studio lighting, but I must be an expert image manipulator and photo retoucher too.

Editorial food photography does not require as much ” computer work “, but packaging and product photography are different; images are really examined up close and almost every pixel is somehow altered …. for the better.

The amount of time spent on one single image varies, obviously, depending on the brief; it can be minutes…. or it can be hours !!!

This tomato image ” only ” took 20-25 minutes to come together….  (more…)

Australian Photography feature on food photography

Food photography is such a complex subject matter and form of art.

I have been practicing it for a long time – since I moved to Sydney – and i have been working as a professional food photographer for at least the last five years; yet the more i do it, the more i feel i still have to learn.

I am not gonna say the obvious “…. I am a perfectionist ” … that should be taken for granted when you work at a certain level; the thing is, photography, as an art, is very subjective and the same assignment can be approached in many different ways; is there a better way ? I think there is, and this is what i said to Rob Ditessa who interviewed me for an article on the world of food photography which was just published on Australian Photography magazine. (more…)