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Creative food photography for small businesses.

If you are an entrepreneur, perhaps a cafe’ or restaurant owner or a catering service provider, then you will probably consider, at some stage, hiring a professional food photographer and food stylist to create a visual portfolio of your product range. Beautiful lighting, styling and props can definitely take your brand to the next level, and improve your business performances – in other words , your sales!

food photography ©Dario Milano

food photography ©Dario Milano

But the key figure in all this, is you: photography of food is not something for amateurs, it takes experience, knowledge and a good dose of creativity. Above all, and like everything else really, it takes preparation; you, as a client, must know who you are, what you want to offer and whom you are offering it to. The photographer, the stylist and the other creatives involved in the branding operation ( can be very few or can be many individuals, depending on the size of your business ), are just there to translate your vision into two dimensional images.

catering antipasto ©Dario Milano

catering antipasto ©Dario Milano

I recently shot a campaign for a new client, two individuals with previous experience in hospitality and catering who joined forces to create a new catering company  mainly servicing corporate businesses around Sydney CBD.

italian antipasto ©Dario Milano

italian antipasto ©Dario Milano

It’s been a productive cooperation, on a relatively low budget, which is sure to boost my client business profile and revenues. You can see some of the images we created through this post. It was all done in one day, at my Studio, with less than $ 300 worth of props, and probably as much spent on food. We managed to achieve some 12-15 images that will be used for website content, social media campaign, mailing list campaign and brochures.

My client knew exactly what they wanted from me; and I knew exactly what it took to give it to them. Like every new relationship should be, it was based on mutual respect and trust  right from the beginning; time will tell whether I did my job well enough to win the client’s trust again in the future.

As a freelance professional food photographer that’s the test I have to put myself through with every new job and every client; and that is just fair.

Don’t you think?


Dario Milano is a professional food photographer and food stylist, based in Sydney and servicing predominantly advertising and commercial clients, restaurants and the food packaging industry.

He also teaches regular food photography and food styling workshop in Sydney, as well as in Melbourne and Brisbane.

To get in contact, email dario@dariomilanophotography.com


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