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Food photography for bloggers and beginners

On saturday the 7th of December, at my Studio in Rosebery, I’ll be teaching a hands on food photography workshop for food bloggers and beginners; the class is almost full , but you might still be able to get in … if you are in Sydney and want to attend. Here is the direct link to the workshop page ( click here).

I quite like the definition of food photography given by Wikipedia: ” Food photography is a still life specialisation of commercial photography, aimed at producing attractive photographs of  food for use in advertisements, packaging, menus or cookbooks. Professional food photography is a collaborative effort, usually involving an art director, a photographer, a food stylist, a prop stylist and their assistants”.

What we do in class covers the subject of food photography from different perspectives, and aims at providing the students with a set of practical skills, as well as with a general understanding of how a typical food photography assignment might be approached and dealt with depending on the circumstances.

A hands on workshop is in my opinion the best way to learn food photography; however, I have compiled a short list of essential tips to share here with you all; this type of advice comes from experience, and if you make it yours it will point you in the proper direction right from the beginning.

Here it goes:

cheese platter ©Dario Milano

cheese platter ©Dario Milano

  • Secure yourself a camera body, a couple of fast fixed lenses and a solid tripod; save on everything else and experiment extensively with natural light first.
  • Learn about workflow, colour management and retouching/ editing
  • Always shoot raw and back up your files, because you ‘ll get better and better at editing, as time goes by.
  • Start shooting ingredients and uncooked food; keep things simple in the beginning and rather focus on understanding the light.
  • start building a Portfolio from the very beginning – at least for your own reference – but don’t show your ” experiments ” to potential clients; if you are not ready for clients, than you should be honest about it.
  • Start working with a stylist and incorporate cooked food in your Portfolio – make sure he/she have good taste . No point working with someone who will degrade your work.
  • Once you are totally confident with what you are doing ( it will take years ! ), focus on the service experience you provide to your customers; at the end of the day you are a service supplier and a person , before that – if you are polite, sociable, reliable and professional you’ll have more clients.

Hope this helps!


Dario Milano is a professional food photographer and food stylist, based in Sydney and servicing predominantly advertising and commercial clients, restaurants and the food packaging market.

He also teaches regular food photography and food styling workshop in Sydney, as well as in Melbourne and Brisbane.

To get in contact, email dario@dariomilanophotography.com


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