Food photography for bloggers and beginners

On saturday the 7th of December, at my Studio in Rosebery, I’ll be teaching a hands on food photography workshop for food bloggers and beginners; the class is almost full , but you might still be able to get in … if you are in Sydney and want to attend. Here is the direct link to the workshop page ( click here).

I quite like the definition of food photography given by Wikipedia: ” Food photography is a still life specialisation of commercial photography, aimed at producing attractive photographs of  food for use in advertisements, packaging, menus or cookbooks. Professional food photography is a collaborative effort, usually involving an art director, a photographer, a food stylist, a prop stylist and their assistants”.

What we do in class covers the subject of food photography from different perspectives, and aims at providing the students with a set of practical skills, as well as with a general understanding of how a typical food photography assignment might be approached and dealt with depending on the circumstances.

A hands on workshop is in my opinion the best way to learn food photography; however, I have compiled a short list of essential tips to share here with you all; this type of advice comes from experience, and if you make it yours it will point you in the proper direction right from the beginning.

Here it goes: (more…)

Food photography for restaurants

I do a lot of  photography for restaurants and food chains, in and around Sydney; and I love it ! every outlet is different. Sometimes we shoot at my Studio, but most times I go to them as it makes things easier for the clients.

I get asked often about my lighting setups and what I bring with me when I am on location; as I said, every restaurant is different and depending on the location I approach the shoot in a way rather than another – an inspection is definitely a must, before the shoot.

However I can share a simple lighting setup that will work every time and in every place, if you need to artificially light the scene, and you need consistent shots; i.e if you are shooting a restaurant menu.

It’s a no brainer: 2 lights setup, nothing else needed – except a white wall ( but you can it, if there aren’t any). (more…)

Food Photography that makes you drool. Location shooting.

I think we can all easily agree on this one: great food photography should make you hungry, should make you drool. That’s the all purpose of it right?

When this doesn’t happen, the opposite might be true; I see it all the time, because I am not just a photographer – I am also consumer. Bad photos can really turn me off a place, a food or a product.

And this is not just photography we are talking about, it applies to all visual media; when you sit on your couch after dinner, and the commercials come on the screen, tell me you don’t feel an impulse to raid the kitchen: ice cream, chocolate, biscuits…. you name it! And you have just finished dinner !  (more…)